March, 2012

Closing of Seido's Publications Department

To all Seido customers;

The Publications Department was established in 1965 to develop and publish English materials. Since then we built a strong bond with our users, thanks to their support, feedback and trust.  We are very grateful for the continued patronage of so many teachers, schools and booksellers.
However, we regret to inform you, on short notice, that the Publications Department of Seido Foundation for the Advancement of Education will cease its operations as of the end of March 2012.  This is part of a restructuring plan, in part related to the Foundation's application for a new legal status, which will involve, among other things, concentrating more exclusively on certain areas of our activities, to the exclusion of publishing.
As result of the new government guidelines for foundations, Seido has to apply for acquisition of a new status, which also means restructuring. The board of directors has decided to concentrate efforts in the language teaching division.
Though official approval for the new status is expected for April 2013, the Board decided with difficulty to discontinue its Publications Department already this year, to facilitate the application process.
We ask for your understanding in this matter, and regret any inconvenience this may cause.






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