Speaking Well
Pronunciation for Japanese Students
Benjamin Willey


   AGE: Senior High and up
   Level: Elementary to Intermediate

Perhaps more than any other language skill, pronunciation is heavily influenced by students’ native language. With this in mind, Speaking Well focuses on the areas Japanese speakers find most challenging:

  1. Consonants and vowels: Includes facial diagrams, ear training exercises, and speaking practice for the sounds Japanese speakers find most difficult.

  2. Rhythm: Provides both listening and speaking practice with the wave-like rhythm of English.

  3. Main stress and intonation: Simple rules, not offered in any other textbook for beginners, show students which words to stress in a phrase. Also covers intonation in questions, statements, and lists.

By offering precise guidelines, Speaking Well enables students to listen to themselves critically and self-correct, thereby becoming their own teacher.

>> See sample pages (Textbook) [sw.pdf (134kb)]
>> See sample pages (Teacher's guide) [swtg.pdf (164kb)]

Textbook (128 pp.) ISBN 4-7915-0364-3
2 CD set ISBN 4-7915-0365-1

First Pronunciation Handbook

   AGE: Junior High and up
   LEVEL: Elementary to False Beginners

The First Pronunciation Handbook is intended to introduce junior and senior high school students to key aspects of English pronunciation. The Student Book includes many illustrations and explanations in Japanese.

>>See sample pages [fph.pdf (167kb)]

Textbook (38 pp.) ISBN 4-7915-0162-4
Text & Tape set
(3 cassettes+Textbook)
ISBN 4-7915-0167-5

Pronunciation Manual for Japanese Speakers
Desmond P. Cosgrave / David Sell

   AGE: College and Adult
   LEVEL: False Beginners and up

A thorough introduction to the consonant and vowel sounds of English, focusing on the sounds which Japanese speakers find most difficult. Extensive listening practice at both the word and sentence level is provided. Numerous facial diagrams and explanations in Japanese facilitate production practice.

>>See sample pages [pm.pdf (174kb)]

* Student textbook is now out of stock.

Textbook (134 pp.) ISBN 4-7915-0067-9
Tapes (5 cassettes) ISBN 4-7915-0188-8

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