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 English with Jack and Jill

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 English with Jack & Jill is ideally suited for Japanese children starting to learn English between the ages of 5 and 12. Then content of the course and the techniques used in its presentation have been selected very carefully after much trial and error in the classroom, the preliminary material having undergone a continual process of revision until the editors were satisfied that a very effective series of lessons, with real appeal to children, had been produced.

Level One

>>See sample pages (Workbook)  [jjb1.pdf (331kb)]
>>See sample pages (Teaching script) [jjb1tg.pdf (140kb)]

Workbook 1 ISBN 4-7915-0081-4


Workbook 2 ISBN 4-7915-0082-2
Workbook 3 ISBN 4-7915-0083-0
Workbook 4 ISBN 4-7915-0084-9
Teaching Script 1 to 3  
 ¥1,000 each
Teaching Script 4  
Tape set for Workbook1 to 4 (2 cassettes per book)
 ¥4,000 each

Book 1
  Book 1 aims at making the children?s first contact with English as much fun as possible. Thus, every lesson involves a rapidly changing series of oral practices, games, quizzes, as well as writing and coloring activities, which revolve around the introduction of the alphabet. Short dialogues and pattern drills that appear in the teaching script only are taught orally and realistically so that the children assimilate language in a natural way.

Book 2
  Book 2 teaches the students to recognize simple 3-letter words, all of which are spelled as they are pronounced. This is a technique used in grade schools for native speakers of English, and it is used here to reap the same psychological benefits ? the children start to discover the mysteries of the written word and are encouraged by the number of words they can recognize.

Book 3
  Book 3 introduces contrary adjectives and various prepositions as the backbone of the ten lessons. These lend themselves to a great variety of games and activities. Several kinds of WH-questions are introduced, and there is also a section in each lesson devoted to verb practice. With all this, the scope of the student?s understanding and manipulation of English patterns is considerably widened.

Book 4
  Book 4 introduces short reading passages based on the groundwork of reading laid in the previous three books. Many activities which involve physical movement around the class make these ten lessons very meaningful and enjoyable.

Level Two

>>See sample pages (Workbook) [jjb2.pdf (319kb)]
>>See sample pages (Teaching script) [jjb2tg.pdf (195kb)]

Workbook Vol. 1 ISBN 4-7915-0293-0


Workbook Vol. 2 ISBN 4-7915-0294-9
Teaching Script ISBN 4-7915-0267-1
Tape set
 ¥4,000 each

Volume 1:
  Designed for upper level elementary school children, or for younger children with previous experience studying English. Teaches the alphabet (reading and writing), numbers from 1 to 100, basic vocabulary, and fundamental grammar necessary for English conversation, using themes such as introductions, greetings, requests, ordering and paying at a restaurant, etc. Ample games, quizzes, and coloring activities ensure that students will have fun while they learn.

Volume 2:
  By having short conversations with the teacher and with their classmates, students learn to tell time, talk about dates and schedules, ask for and give directions, have telephone conversations, and much more. Through these functions, students are introduced to a variety of grammatical concepts, including several verb tenses (past, present, present progressive, and future), count and non-count nouns, comparisons, preposition use, and affirmative and negative commands. Short stories and letters provide both reading and writing practice.

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