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As an elemantary program in spoken English, Motivation and Communication offer short, easily managed communicative conversations, interspersed with light, fast-paced drills that promote fluency and accuracy. Abundant color illustrations make the textbooks even more engaging.

>> See sample pages [moti_sb.pdf (440kb)]

Motivation Student Book 1 ISBN 4-7915-0339-2
Motivation Student Book 2 ISBN 4-7915-0340-6
Communication Student Book 1 ISBN 4-7915-0351-1
Communication Student Book 2 ISBN 4-7915-0352-X

Teacher's Books
As well as all of the pages in the student's version, the teacher's books include additional pages with suggestions and extra exercises, as well as a pronunciation appendix. A separate teacher's book accompanies each textbook in the series.

>> See sample pages [moti_tb.pdf (322kb)]

Motivation Teacher's Book 1 ISBN 4-7915-0341-4
Motivation Teacher's Book 2 ISBN 4-7915-0342-2
Communication Teacher's Book 1 ISBN 4-7915-0353-8
Communication Teacher's Book 2 ISBN 4-7915-0354-6

CD Sets
The convenient compact disk sets that accompany the Motivation and Communication series bring textbook dialogs to life. By interacting with the recorded voices, students become accustomed to the pronunciation and conversation speed of native speakers.


Motivation 1 CD (2 CDs) ISBN 4-7915-0343-0
Motivation 2 CD (2 CDs) ISBN 4-7915-0344-9
Communication 1 CD (2 CDs) ISBN 4-7915-0355-4
Communication 2 CD (2 CDs) ISBN 4-7915-0356-2

Charts and Illustrations
The Charts & Illustrations book is an integral part of the Motivation and Communication series. The charts are applied to different situations in each lesson, thereby both providing grammar practice and helping students to learn vocabulary in context.

>> See sample pages [chi.pdf (449kb)]

Charts & Illustrations ISBN 4-7915-0338-4

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