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What is Seido Foundation?

Seido Foundation for the advancement of Education is a non-profit organization registered in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It seeks to improve the educational and cultural welfare of society through activities such as language instruction, research, publishing, intercultural exchange, and youth clubs. The Foundation is also responsible for building and maintaining centers for such purposes.

What is Seido Language Institute?

The Seido Publications Department, with its Materials Development Section, is the publishing branch of the Seido Foundation for the Advancement of Education, a non-profit organization which also includes Seido Language Institute. One of the purposes of the Publications Department is to contribute to raising the standard of English education through the development and publication of quality teaching materials for use at all levels.
Although distinct from the school in terms of management and staff, the Publications Department works in partnership with Seido Language Institute in the testing of new materials.
Since 1963, the staff at Seido Language Institute has developed a full line of English conversation materials suitable for a child to a mature adult.

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